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Thank You,DMNS!

Help us celebrate our incredible partnerships! 

Denver Museum of Nature and Science CEO George Sparks and Vice President Tina Martinez have been instrumental in the construction of Moving AHEAD since inception. 

Alongside our quarterly Denver Arts Alliance convenings, DMNS has hosted the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance junior youth ensemble's (JYE) promotional music video and regularly partners with arts and youth education organizations to continue providing access and resources for all. 

Arts Alliance Testimonials

Hear From Our Founding Partners

The Eugene S. Farley Jr. Health Policy Center and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance are two pillars of Moving AHEAD. The commitments and work from each as regular practice continues to lead our alliance as community and historical leaders both in Colorado and around the world.


"In the work to improve health outcomes and racial equity for Black and Brown people, the arts prove to be a tool for healing as much as they do a function of social transformation."

- Malik Robinson, CPRD Executive Director

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