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Performing Arts Concerts
Advocacy Education Meetings
College Career Day
Community Wellness Programs
Food & Film Events

The Momentum Tour was created as an entry point for artists, policy makers, and community members to learn and grow through conversation and creative engagements, Our collective team has been able to advance efforts within intergenerational arts, education, mental, and physical wellness programming as well as multi-cultural recognition and sustainability.

The tour itself has activated engagements in Trinidad, Durango, Mancos, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fort Collins, Pueblo, and San Luis. Each location featured regional artists, nonprofit organizations, local media outlets, city governing bodies, higher education institutions, public schools, and community leaders. 

Meeting with artists and community leaders has allowed our team to help find and create opportunities to support the inequities specific to communities and regions of CO. 

We are thrilled for 2023 as we reunite with 2022 cities and partners, and develop new activations in San Luis Valley, Pueblo, and Fort Collins. 

Moving AHEAD Gallery

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